West Bengal Government Karmo Bhumi: Registration Online

West Bengal Karmo Bhumi yojana

The West Bengal government is doing a lot for the entire IT community living in the state of Bengal. If you are an IT specialist but you are unable to find a job in the state due to the current coronavirus lock-down, you can now apply for a job on the official website of West Bengal, Karmo Bhumi. You can apply online in the guide, which is further given in this article.

WB Karmo Bhumi- karmabhumi.nltr.org

Residents of the state of West Bengal can now apply for jobs by visiting the official website of West Bengal. This website will collect all the jobs that are currently hiring IT specialists and you will be able to apply for the job right from your home. People can now connect with IT companies in West Bengal through the official website as it will act as a medium between professionals and IT companies in Bengal. The main advantage is that it will be easily available to job seekers.

Benefits Of West Bengal Karmo Bhumi

Various benefits will be provided through the implementation of the new website launched by the Chief Minister of the State of West Bengal. Special mention of the website ensures that all the unemployed IT professionals in the state can get the job with a few clicks. The website will serve as a link between job seekers and IT professionals. It will also eliminate the need for everyone to act as a mediator and waste money on job seekers.

Details Of West Bengal Karmo Bhumi

Scheme Name: West Bengal Karmo Bhumi
Launched by: Chief Minister of West Bengal state
Launched for: IT professionals
Benefit: Jobs will be provided through the website and the website will act as a medium between professionals and IT company
Official Website: https://karmabhumi.nltr.org/

West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Registration Process

The registration process for applying for the great opportunity provided by the Government of West Bengal is given in the following step by step guide:

  • You will have to visit the official website of the initiative.
  • When you will click on this link, you will land on the home page of the website
  • Click at “I Accept” button and Next
West Bengal Karmo Bhumi
  • The application form will display on your screen up
  • Fill in the all your details
  • Verify the OTP on your register mobile
  • A confirmation message will display on your screen


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