The committee has Election cards in Digital format

digital election card voter id
digital election card voter id

Like Aadhar card are often easily downloaded

The committee may soon launch a digital election card. Simply put, election cards are often downloaded a bit like the Aadhaar card. People are going to be ready to carry election cards with them in digital format. Voters also will get the power to urge KYC done through the water helpline app. With this alteration , the committee aims to supply EPIC facility to voters.

With this decision of the committee , voters are going to be ready to download their election card from internet . Not only this, he also will be ready to exercise his franchise with this digital card. With this decision, voters will get obviate the matter lately election cards or not, as they’re going to be ready to download this card like Aadhaar card.

Migrant voters also will enjoy the digital water card facility. However, currently Indians living abroad don’t have voting facilities. But the committee has sent a proposal to the govt on the matter. at the present , Voter Cards also are not given to overseas Indians. But if this decision comes into force, foreign voters also will be ready to download their digital cards.

Apart from this, the most important advantage are going to be that if the voter shifts from one place to a different place and has got to register as a voter of that place, then he are going to be ready to do the required process and download the new election card.


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