After Rahul Gandhi, Gujarat Congress’ Twitter account block


Controversy over tweet in Delhi rape case: After Rahul Gandhi, Gujarat Congress’ Twitter account also accused of blocking freedom of speech

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited the family of a young woman who died after being raped in Delhi. After this, Gandhi tweeted with a photo of the victim’s family member demanding justice and protested on the BJP’s women’s front, according to the Pradesh Congress. Following this protest, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was blocked and in protest, the Pradesh Congress also tweeted with a screen shot of Rahul Gandhi.

The Twitter account of the Pradesh Congress was also blocked, said Hemang Rawal, Pradesh Congress Media Coordinator. Leaders of the Pradesh Congress, which has blocked the Twitter account of the Pradesh Congress, have also opposed the move to crack down on Twitter’s freedom of speech. As part of the protest, leaders including state president Amit Chavda and assembly opposition leader Paresh Dhanani tweeted a photo of Rahul Gandhi with the tag “May Bhi Rahul”.


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